Payment Plans

Welcome to Happy’s Home Centers!
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Here is what you can always expect from Happy’s . . .

• No Credit Check (you get a fresh start at Happy’s!)

• Free Delivery & Product Set-Up (on every single product we sell or lease)

• Same Day Approval and Delivery (approvals usually in 10 minutes or so)

• Free Product Repairs (100% free parts & labor, plus free loaners available)

• Free On-Time Payment Rewards (money back with your on-time payment)

• Up to 12 Months, Same as Cash (save hundreds using our “same as cash” options)

• Generous Early-Purchase Discounts

• Weekly and Monthly Payment Plans

• Catalog Special Orders (get exactly what you want!)

• Military Discounts (10% off regular rates for active military & your family)

• Student Discounts (10% off computers for all Hillsborough & Pineallas County students)


 There’s a Happy’s Financing plan for every budget.

You will always find competitive cash prices & low weekly rates! Happy’s has you covered! Come by and see why we are Florida’s fastest growing lease-purchase destination!

We designed Happy’s Home Centers for YOU. Happy’s specializes in offering thousands of products for your home through our easy-to-qualify Happy’s Lease Ownership Plan.


Getting Approved at HAPPY'S is Quick & Easy... 3 Easy Steps!

After we get your basic information, name, address, email, phone, DOB, etc, you're almost there! %-10 minutes and you're PRE-APPROVED!

#1 - Employment

Here you'll provide your basic work information!

#2 - Residence Info

Then we'll need your residence info. Where you live, your landlord's info or mortgage company and how long you've been there!

#3 - References

Almost done! ...Final easy step. You just need 3 References! It's that easy! Get it done in 5 minutes! BOOM! You're Finished!

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